Project Management

From concept to completion we have in house engineers and on site project managers and site superintendents to oversee your project and to problem solve as the need arises during the construction process.

Site Preparation and Dirt Work

In order for any project to get started correctly, it is vital that the site preparation, drainage and dirt work are done correctly. Whether you're building an above or below ground structure, Curry Construction Inc. has the manpower and experience to complete the dirt work and drainage management necessary for any project.

Site Utilities

We are experts in providing site utilities across a number of different areas including municipal, industrial, and commercial. The installation and maintenance of construction site utilities including power, lighting, safe and suitable equipment and facilities, staff welfare, and accommodation are paramount to the overall success of any construction project.

Concrete Construction

Our professionals are experienced in all forms of concrete construction and equipped with the proper equipment to do the job efficiently and provide superior performance. We are experienced and competent in constructing foundations, parking lots, precast panels, containers, vessels and large volume projects. 

Steel Erection/Design-Build

We build both pre-engineered and conventional steel structures and work hard at planning and coordinating what is necessary to assure the structure is built appropriately. All pieces need to be pre-fabricated and assembled in a specific order to ensure it functions as designed. At Curry Construction Inc., we take great pride in our planning and execution skills when it comes to constructing steel buildings and other steel structures. 

Fire Protection

At Curry Construction Inc. we ensure that your business' fire protection system is up to code and installed appropriately to keep you and your business safe. We are licensed to install and repair from the fire pump to the sprinkler head.


We have Framing and Finish carpenters who are skilled craftsmen to construct and finish your project with the highest level of satisfaction.


We specialize in new commercial, industrial, utility and remodeling plumbing. Our crews will do the construction, installation, inspection and repair of pipes and fixtures necessary to meet your needs. Our licensed professionals have many years of service in the field and can handle your project efficiently. 

Sanitary Piping and Process Piping

Our experienced crews understand the safety measures necessary for sanitary, food grade and process piping. We construct and install the various pipework needed to transfer any kind of industrial or manufacturing product. From natural gas and chemicals to food and ingredients, we've completed process piping for a multitude of clients in many industries


We construct, install, test, maintain, repair, alter, remove, or replace any electrical work needed on your projects. Our experienced staff is well versed in electrical work and understands how critical proper installation is in keeping the site safe and functional.

Industrial and Municipal Water and Wastewater Treatment Construction

We have an extensive background in the repair, remodel and new construction of water and wastewater treatment facilities.

Industrial Maintenance and Millwright

Our millwrights can disassemble, move and rebuild your equipment in the factory and also install new equipment and updates. We have quality mechanics to help maintain and improve your machinery and keep it operating properly.

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